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Name:Robbie Baldwin
Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:Springdale, Connecticut, United States of America
The Quick:
Blonde hair. Blue eyes. 20 years old. LOTS of scars.
Robbie is 5'6/130lbs but grows to 5'10/170lbs in Speedball form.

A lab accident while he was interning made Robbie Baldwin the embodiment of time and motion. He of course didn't realize that right away. What he did notice, was that he now bounced, surrounded by colourful bubbles. He named himself 'Speedball' after the bubbles and the lack of control he originally had over his bounce.

The earliest manifestation of his powers, the absorption of kinetic energy, (what he originally called the "Speedball Effect") made it nearly impossible for him to be physically hurt. Any jolt, kick, jump, smack to the head with a brick (ect) triggered and absorbed the motion into his kinetic field.

Over time he expanded his ability from bouncing comically to actually manipulating his kinetic field and the colorful bubbles around him. He learned his "bubbles" which derive from the kinetic dimension, turned out to be moments of suspended time. The bubbles can push back everything in Robbie's immediate area or by focusing more locally, deliver more powerful blows in hand-to-hand combat. His field itself can be extended out either to attack an enemy or block a projectile, and its force is absorbed into him which he can then redirect. His entire body is in fact an aspect of the "kinetic dimension" which he can control down to a molecular level and he uses this to reshape himself. In his Speedball form, he actually grows from 5'6/130lbs to 5'10/170lbs [He was 6 feet/190lbs as Penance.]
His costume is a manifestation of the Kinetic dimension and can change in appearance.

While his kinetic powers are activated, even the most powerful telepaths are unable to read his mind, and video footage of him is blurry and worthless. [There have been some canon exceptions though for plot purposes?] His voice takes on an unusual, hollow cadence.

The explosion that caused the Civil War (612 accidental deaths including 60 children in a Connecticut suburb) caused his powers to burn out temporarily and nearly killed him. As the only survivor of his team, The Government held him responsible for the explosion and used the incident to push for Superhuman Registration. During an assassination attempt for the accident in Stamford by one of the grieving parents of the dead children, he was shot on the steps of congress before he could testify and nearly died. He was saved, but bullet fragments still press against the nerves of his spine causing him constant pain.

The nature of his powers, previously believed to have been burned out, changed. Activated primarily by pain now, he could then absorb pain and release the energy as a concentrated and highly destructive 'hyperkinetic shockwave' emission, capable of destroying most objects in it's path. He had a special suit of self-mutilating armor built and changed his name to Penance. He signed the plea-deal offered to him and registered with the government so his would-be assassin didn't face charges.

Hired as a Marshall in the Superhuman Registration Act under supervision of Normal Osborn, he went into therapy however he was kept deliberately emotionally unstable, and during that time was uncooperative. He eventually went AWOL and sought out Nitro the mutant who caused the explosion in Stamford. Stealing Nuclear launch codes aimed at Latveria, where Nitro was being held, Penance attacked and forced Dr.Doom to release him. Penance tortured and almost killed Nitro, forcing him to wear the painful suit of armor he'd had built. The Thunderbolts eventually arrived and arrested Nitro.

Having caught the man responsible for the Stamford explosion, Robbie began to recover. He was hired by the Avengers to train and mentor their most 'at risk' students and began volunteering in Stamford (in disguise since many still blamed him for the explosion). Despite making considerable healing himself, he still suffers from PTSD flashes and general crippling guilt and a low sense of self-worth. He also cuts to store up the kinetic wave energy "because it's better in a fight" rather than using the self-mutilating Penance Armour he wore.

With the support of a newly reformed New Warriors team, he has regained a bit of his old carefree, cheerful (outright bratty/obnoxious at times) demeanor and currently works through his darker moments.

** Info primarily taken from and the modern run of The New Warriors.

**I have no affiliation with Marvel, any of their writers/artists, or Franz Kranz who we aren't even sure will be playing Robbie in MCU. Journal is for fun only and no money is being made.

Mun and muse are both well over 18.

**Following general Marvel comic universe until the time it becomes relevant in MCU at which point backstory revisions may be made.
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